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[Tips] Make your guests feel special (so they'll want to come!)

[Tips] Make your guests feel special (so they'll want to come!)

There is no doubt that the wedding is the most important day for a couple. It is an announcement and celebration of the love that the bride and groom want to share with the people closest to them. Needless to say, guests are integral to the success of a wedding.
This is where I’ll tell you, LittleKnot is pretty much the best way to invite your guests. (This is LittleKnot’s blog after all). Whilst I have nothing against beautiful paper invites, I think there is ample space for the modern couple to do it the digital way and I’ll give you 3 big reasons for that. 

1. It’s EASY, for your guests.

Honestly, you got to make it easy for your guests to reply. No form filling, no email sending, no separate texting to tell you they can (or can’t) make it. LittleKnot shoots out a unique e-invitation and it takes your guest just ONE CLICK to send a response.


Ok! I think paper invitations have its merits, but honestly, a digital canvas can be just as creative and beautiful! Check out my recent favorite couple!


You may argue it’s insincere to send an e-invitation, I beg to differ. (and so does Farhad Manjoo, a New York columnist)  
The sincerity is in the message, that you have customized messages for different groups of guests. You’re not going to “Hey Brother!” your boss.
This is an important aspect to us when we designed LittleKnot, so we allow you to assign different messages to different groups of guests when you are preparing you guest list. This way, every guest feels special, and receives your love.
For the convinced but uninitiated, LittleKnot has message templates for you to use! (Don’t worry, they can be edited)


For Family:

We’re tying the knot and it will mean the world to us for you to be at our wedding celebration. You have been a big part of our lives, and you certainly must attend the biggest celebration of our lives.  Click on “Yes” and see you there!
Adam & Eve

For Colleagues:

To the savior of all Monday morning blues, guardian of the photocopy machine and boardroom warrior, you’re invited to the biggest celebration of my life, and it will mean a great deal to me if you will accept this invitation and be there.  Click on “Yes” and I look forward to seeing you!"
Adam & Eve

For Friends:

You've seen us fight, date, bicker, grow, laugh, kiss, mature and now, if you would please accept our invitation and see us marry!  And because it won't be the same without you, the only option here is for you to say yes!
Adam & Eve

For BFF:

You have no excuse not to attend because you’re one of the very first to know we’re getting hitched! Your default option is to click YES and I can’t wait for the big day!
Adam & Eve

For serious ones:

Together with our families, we request the pleasure of your company at the celebration of our marriage. To respond to this invitation, please click “YES” below and we look forward to having you. 
Adam & Eve

For fun ones:

We’re having the biggest celebration of our lives with lots of love and unlimited booze! You’re invited to party and get drunk together on this big occasion! So click on YES and get ready!
See you!
Adam & Eve

If the above messages don't fit:

Because you’ve shared in our lives, supported our love and watched us grow, we request the pleasure of your company at our marriage. To RSVP, please select your option below and we sincerely hope you will be able to grace our celebration with your presence.
Yours Truly,
Adam & Eve

The above message templates are prepared for you in LittleKnot when you sign up. Give it a try!

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